Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Friday, August 28, 2015

A Hint of Fall is in the Air . . . . .

   A hint of fall is in the air.   We haven't had much rain for the past few weeks.   The beautiful green is now turning brown.   The corn fields are drying up, the lawns are turning brown, the leaves on the trees are beginning to turn, much of the under growth in the groves has already turned red.   You can see that fall here with the leaves turning will be beautiful. . .  Our guests have slowed down to a very few.  In the little school today we only had 8 guests in the 9 hours we were there.  Two just stopped by to put their heads in and were gone, they weren't interested in anything we had to say.  They ask questions  but couldn't wait for an answer.   I asked if they would like to do the reading quiz, and the lady said, no but her son would pass.   The Saints spelled as it would sound, example youtenshels, it is fun for the guests to figure what they were trying to say.  An other couple, he had served here as a young man, came back for the first time and was in tears wherever he went.   He had served in Kentucky and Tennessee and then in the summer was sent here to Nauvoo.   He said he had forgotten the spirit that was here.  His wife was just as emotional, she shared they had been planning this trip for well over 8 years but something always happened so they couldn't come.  It took a best friend passing away for them to realize this trip was important to them.  They may not be here tomorrow, today is all we know for sure.  They didn't tell anyone where they were going, they were afraid Satan would try again to stop them.   Again we feel blessed to have been ask to serve here.  Because it is slow, we have a great opportunity to get to know our companions that we serve with.   I am finding that many who are serving our Father in Heaven are really here on borrowed time.  Elder Horlacher and I felt we had a struggle  getting here but I am finding our story or experience can't even stand up with some of the stories we learn about.   It is so wonderful to know these latter day saints who love our Heavenly Father so much and will sacrifice so much to serve him and to give others the opportunity to hear about the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.   Each day I ask myself, what or where would I be without it.  I am so grateful for those early saints, my ancestors, who gave so much so the gospel of Jesus Christ is here on the earth today.  I am so grateful to Joseph Smith, and his brother Hyrum, who gave their life for us to know the truthfulness of the gospel.

   Many of the missionaries are starting to leave now in groups and will continue thru October.  It has been hard to even think of them leaving because they have been so wonderful and have helped us in so many ways.   Today I finally realized they must get on with the new chapter in their lives and it is time for me to stand and try to fill their shoes.   I am so happy to have finally reached a place where I feel I can let them go. . .   They were going anyway, ha ha, but now it is OK.

   We love you all so much and ask our Heavenly Fathers choicest blessings be yours, take good care of yourselves and each other, so we can all sit down together in Heaven.  Let's never forget who we are, children of a Father in Heaven who loves us, and that we are really all brothers and sisters.

Youtenshels, Utensils.

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