Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, August 17, 2015

It May take a brick to get our attention ! ! ! !

   We always have such a special Sacrament Meeting.  Today was wonderful.   We had the Young Sisters give the program.   Sister Schenck from San Deigo told of her conversion.  It was very touching, but the part I want to relay is that we get to pray about something or anything and can  know for ourselves if it is true.   We have that choice.   She also shared that she was 14 yrs. old when her mother found or the LDS church found  them.   It was the friendly ward that kept them coming back.  Someone really was happy to have them come to church.   She shared that a lady invited them to dinner.   And then invited them again and again and again.   She has been in the church for 5 years and is now on a mission.  The Sister's shared such simple truth's.  Things that really touched my heart.   Truth is unchanging.   We must get our answers from correct sources.  Questions are the way that we can find the truth.   Joseph Smith asked many questions of the Lord to find out what he needed to know and teach.   One of the questions I feel we all should ask ourselves is "Is the restoration of the Gospel of Jesus Christ true"?   It either "is true or it is not".   We must take time each day to make sure our testimonies are strong.   Seek our answers through study and prayer.   Go to Heavenly Father.   Another thought that really hit me is "We can''t teach what we don't know" and "we can't lead where we aren't willing to go".  These thoughts really hit me as a missionary.

     Our District Leader Elder Dalton shared a story with us that I really loved.   A young man had just bought a very expensive car and was very proud of it.   He was careful where he parked it and even how fast he drove it.    One day as he was driving down the road he heard a bang and knew something had hit his car.   He stopped fast and saw that someone had thrown a brick and hit the side of his car.   He saw a young boy by the side of the road and yelled  "Did you throw that brick at my car?"  The young boy said, "Yes".    The young man was mad and started to yell at the boy and then thought to ask, "Why?"   The boy replied , "My brother tipped over and I couldn't help him,  I knew no one would stop if I just yelled."   The young man went with the boy and found his young brother had tipped over and fallen out of his wheel chair, and was in a serious situation.   He helped the boy with his brother and even gave them a ride in his car.   The young man never had the dent removed from his car and kept it to remind him that sometimes a brick has to be thrown to get our attention.   We love you all so much!!!

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