Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Small World. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

What a thrill it is to have someone
come through that we have known in the past or we know someone that they know.
Jewel and Jay Black.  Jaenet Ah Quin's mother and father. They found me at the John Taylor Home.     Nolen Roundy's, from Alton, Utah, daughter and family. I saw them at the Pendleton Log Home and School.   The Bright's, John and Cheryl, from West Jordon, Ut.  Our neighbor's 30 or so years ago.   In the middle of a tour, at Brigham Young Home, I realized that I knew them so I ask if I could ask what their name was.   What a fun surprise!    We also saw one of our grandson's (Travis) friend from Gilbert.  Tucker Sideway.   He and his mother looked both Elder Horlacher and myself up.   A family from Chicago, who had lived as a neighbor to Charles family, also came through the Brick Yard.
 Mark and Cheri Miklich, Celina, Andrew, Caleb, and Richard in front of the Carthage Visitor Center.  The Jail in background, the statue of Joseph and Hyrum Smith.

 The family on a wagon ride through down town Old Nauvoo.
A close up view.

 Taken through the bullet hole at Carthage.  The bullet hole in the door of the Martrdom room.    Duaine and Jenny, Mike, Scot, Hilaree and Brandon in front of the Nauvoo Temple.  Bottom, The Miklich Family.   We were honored with Yummy Nuts from our great and wonderful friend, Sister Irenee Ah Quin.   We really feel loved and special.  Our Beautiful Granddaughter Heather writes to us often, how we love that.  Also thanks to the St. George 4th Ward who were so kind to write us.  Now we know how important a letter from home is.
 The Brights

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