Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Wonderful 4 Months come to a Close. . .

     We will be moving back to Nauvoo.  We will have been in Carthage for four months.  We had hoped to be able to stay for the remainder of our mission.  Everyone is getting prepared for the peak time of the year.  Now we take between 100 to 200 visitors a day but in July we are prepared to take over a 1,000 a day.  This is quite a challenge because we try to limit the groups to 30 with up to 3 groups in the Jail at a time.  With so many missionaries wanting to serve in Carthage we feel blessed to serve and feel the great spirit which is here.  We have had an adventure in moving back as we are trading apartments with our replacements the Waltons.  They need  a place to stay while we move out and we couldn't move in until they move out.  So they are moving their stuff into a trailer.  We will be moving June the 6th and 7th. to Nauvoo.

   We will miss Carthage and have learned a lot about the power of the spirit which is here.  We have witnessed the spirit touching the hearts of so many members and non members who visit.  The drive however will not be missed!  The extra hour needed for the round trip to Nauvoo (6 days a week) will not be missed and we like to drive!  Our new home will be a block away from the pageant stage. We are moving into an up stairs apartment.

Brother and Sister Bowlingbroke from
Idaho Falls by way of Sparks, Nevada
     I have been given a new responsibility in Nauvoo.  President Hyte first councilor of the mission presidency has been real sick and needs some help in his assignments.  I have been called to help with his assignments as well as other special projects.  I will be spending two days a week in that capacity and the rest of the week I will be working in the sites.  I will attend all of the presidency meetings. Monday our meetings started at 7:30 and ended at 1:30 pm. This might not be a typical week as we have had visitors from Salt Lake.
Bushnell home for 3 Senior couples
and 6 YSM's
    Our daughter- in- law, Christene's friend, Kasie Newman.  Bowlingbrokes know Elder Horlachers brother Fred.   Carol and Mel Lowel were here in Nauvoo the 5th and 6th.  What a treat.  We played games, had a great visit.  They treated us to dinner, for Elder Horlachers Birthday on the 7th.  We really needed their visit.  They are so wonderful.  There aren't many wheat fields close to us, but this one was beautiful.  The wheat is so high and is almost ready to harvest.  The geese, and their babies.  They grew so fast we almost missed getting a picture while they were still small.

The sweet young Sisters who are serving at Carthage with us.   Sister Chappman, from California, Sister Schenck, from San Diego, Sister Nelson, from American Fork, now St. George.  Sister Farrell, Clearfield Utah.   We also have Sister Wood and Sister Goble.

    Sometimes we even color coordinate,  It was so wonderful to work and get to know the young sister missionaries.   If only their mothers could see and hear them teach.

    Brother and Sister Slaugh came from St George and looked us up.   They were our home teacher and visiting teacher before we left  on our mission.  We look forward to seeing each of our friends and ward family again.

This family is from the Philippines, the area where our grandson Elder Miklich is serving.
What an honor to meet them.

   Our bird feeder at Bushnell,  a squirrel trying to eat the feed.  It was fun to watch how he climbed down the small rope, really it was more of a string to get the food.  We finally took it down because we couldn't keep food in it for the birds. ha

    Our Stephen Markham District, as well as the Elder Missionary couples who are assigned to the Carthage Visitor Center.    E/S Hutchinsons,  Elder Horlacher,  E/S Bowler, E/S Metcalf,  E/S Johnson 2.  They are all so special.  It was so wonderful to work with them.

   Carthage was so wonderful.  We truly feel that we know who Joseph and Hyrum really were.  They were men who loved life, their families, their fellow men and wanted to live, but knew to bring the restored Gospel of Jesus Christ back to the earth, they had to seal their testimonies with their blood, just as our Savior, Jesus Christ had to go on the cross at Calvary.  We love you all so very much.

Elder Johnson