Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Saturday, September 5, 2015

Beautiful Nauvoo ! ! !

Beautiful. . .
the flowers have been so beautiful this summer.  Just a few to show the beauty.   These are at the Visitor Center.  They are in pots.  The mission puts out 400 pots like this throughout the sites as well as on the main street of town.    They are beautiful. . . . .

Elder Horlacher and myself were given the assignment to clean the Old Nauvoo Burial Grounds.   The entry to the grounds is beautiful.   We cleaned the statue and building where all the names are.   It was so peaceful and spiritual.   A great experience to visit and clean for the saints.
The path to the graves was so peaceful and beautiful.   The statue is of a family who have just buried a small child.

The Fluckigers, and Gayle Roundy (Dorothy and Gayle are cousins )
 The Robison from Panguitch and Couchs at the Farewell Breakfast.
The Waltons

We have a Farewell Breakfast each month to say good bye to those who are leaving and Hello to those who are coming.   It is always an emotional moment.   The Fluckigers were hear to visit the Roundy's who are here as Temple missionaries.  It was fun to see Dorothy and her husband as it had been many years since we had seen them.   The picture of Elder and Sister Horlacher was taken in front of the Visitor Center.  Our Sunset Cast and our District.  The Daltons, Sister Layne, Sister Boyle, Taylors, Skinners, Horlachers.

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