Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, May 8, 2017

     We have been home now for about 6 months,  We have been doing Jed and Annie, and Thomas and Elizabeth, and sharing Stories from the Sites for home-evenings and firesides.  And have really enjoyed remembering our experiences there in Old Nauvoo.    We loved our mission so much and are really missing Nauvoo, Carthage, and the Spirits of the Saints who lived and walked the streets of Old Nauvoo.   And of course, the Missionaries whom we love so much.

     This experience of serving a mission is more than we could have ever dreamt of, and we are so grateful to Our Father in Heaven, and those who had the confidence in us to serve in Old Nauvoo and Carthage.

Elder Horlacher as the driver of the team of horses for the Rendezvous play.  That was his favorite part I think.  The teamsters thought he was to mean to the horses.

We had just arrived in the mission field and were ask to try out for parts.
At the Nauvoo Visitor Center in front of the first vision Statue.
This is how it was after Renedezvuou
Heather making pottery with Elder Horlacher looking on.

Elder Horlacher with Christene at the Family Living Center working with the pottery

We loved our mission.
Ready to go to Renedezvous in our back yard.

Relief Society
Thomas and Elizabeth.  Thomas telling Lizzy we would need to build a pen for the chickens and buy a roster.
Thomas will be tripping over his whiskers before he sees Elizabeth sitting on a wagon, leaving Nauvoo.
Too Old, Too Old .......................There for a minute I Thought you might be to old.

And so Nauvoo, I say Farewell to you,
Where Prophets walked and talked with God,

Farewell Nauvoo, Farewell Nauvoo 
Because we have to ...........Because we want to
All of the Jed and Annies That were left when stopped doing the Part.

Fairy Godmother
Valentine Party, Family Living Center and Cultural Hall.

Carthage Jail

Practicing our Slap Dance.  We did preform one night a week in Sunset by the Mississippi.

Nauvoo Visitor Center,  Sister Horlacher working Guest Services

The Jonathan Browning Home, The small cabin in the back
Our MTC group,  Elder Doying Was sick and they had to leave for surgery, They had been out almost six months.   They did not return and bro Doying pasted away about 9 months later of something totally different 
The Valentine Party.   The Cultural Hall where Joseph and Emma Danced in their day.  What a wonderful experience.