Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, August 23, 2015

Sunset on the Mississippi . . . . . . . . . .

                   Sunset on the Mississippi
                      "They are going to make a big Star out of Me. . . . . . . ."
Things we see in our yard. . .

 We keep trying to get the turtles, but they are pretty smart. . .  They say they come out to sun themselves, but the minute it starts to rain they go back in so they won't get wet. . . go figure.    The male deer came one night with his family, but stayed in the shadows and we couldn't get the camera in time.


 Our MTC Group ! ! !

 Elder Ray and Sister Barbara Doying were leaving the mission because of Medical issues.   We needed one more picture for our memories.    They will and are missed.   What a wonderful couple. . .
E/S Black, E/S Cox, E/S Stroud, E/S Mathis, E/S Skinner, E/S Reimann, E/S Clark, E/S Ramsey, E/S Winnsor,  E/S McKnight, E/S Doying, and of course, E/S Horlacher, ( not in order).   What a great group we make. . . .

 The Young Preforming Missionaries at their farewell. . . . . . Another beautiful sunset.   It is hard to let another sunset go without getting a picture because they are all so beautiful. . . . .

Elder Chamberlain, Elder Horlacher, and Elder Couch singing "When the Sun goes down"   Mississippi Mud.
All of the cast singing Mississippi Mud.   The opening number for Sunset on the Mississippi.

  The young missionaries dancing and the Senior Sister Missionaries singing and dancing "O be Joyful".  
   We really do miss Sunset but are happy having the extra nights off.   We truly enjoy our mission.

Going to Rendezvous

One day it was raining so hard, just like buckets being poured.  
Another night at Sunset by the Mississippi it rained for 10 or 12 minutes.   They had to get the water off  the stage so we could go on.

A barge going down the Mississippi.   This one only had 3 but most will have 5.

The audition
What are you eating?
Can I have some?
Yes. . . .
Doctor he's dead. . . . .

What  fun at Sunset on the Mississippi ! ! ! !

Our cardinal.   Looking out the kitchen window.
Sun set on the Mississippi River.   They are so beautiful.  The camera just doesn't do them justice.  Looking from our porch.

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