Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Wednesday, March 2, 2016

We are still adjusting to this chapter in our mission. Working together as companions each day, working in the same site, not wearing site clothes, adding travel time in our schedules of meetings and mission activities and still trying to find our stuff which we moved.  Carthage is the most unique site of our mission as it has the restored historic features of the jail as well as its own visitors center.  The spiritual influence of Carthage is so special to us.  To be a witness of how the spirit touches those who come here is amazing.  As a missionaries we are blessed to experience how the Holy Ghost touches hearts with the burning influence upon them. We have all had these experiences and will continue being straightened by the Holy Ghost but here in Carthage it is very powerful. There are the special times each day that I feel the spirit so strong as I open up the jail for tours. I am alone in the jail as I check the rooms to make sure they are clean and ready for the day. I remember and ponder the events of June 25, 26, and the 27th.  I  remember Joseph and Hyrum what they said and felt.  I think of John Taylor and Willard Richards who were with Joseph and Hyrum at the last.  I remember Steve Markham, John Fullmer and Dan Jones  who were sent by Joseph on important assignments.  How when they were not allowed back into the jail after their tasks were completed. The more I read, study and see, the deeper my love and appreciation grows for the prophet Joseph and Hyrum Smith. We are truly blessed with this experience and if we can remember our lives will always be blessed.

     Our new part for Rendezvous went well.  We were so nervous about this new part and especially the singing.  We still practice, practice, practice, sometimes 6 or 7 times a day.  We even continue practicing the Jed and Annie parts along with the Thomas and Elizabeth vignette.  We have gained a greater understanding and appreciation for this play called Rendezvous.  How it shows in songs, in humor and even tears how the saints felt as they were here in Nauvoo. In this vignette Thomas  has

explained to Elizabeth that we are leaving in a little more than a week....and I've got to built a create for the chickens and I'll have to buy a rooster!!!!
  I can just see you now atop our wagon, leaving Nauvoo.

 You'll trip over your wiskers before you see me sitting atop our wagon leaving Nauvoo.

 Thomas says maybe you're just too old to go West!


Who drove the wagon all by her self across Missouri!

I knew You'd go Elizabeth.

Oh  Did You.

Farewell Nauvoo
Farewell Nauvoo....

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