Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, March 21, 2016

Not Spring Yet, But Just Around The Corner

     We are enjoying the assignment of being in carthage.  Working together each and every day is a special experience for us.  Sister Horlacher also enjoys not having to wear the site cloths as an extra benefit. I wear a suit and tie each day now which isn't as comfortable.  We are always on a time constraint the tours of the Nauvoo historic sites range from 10 to 15 minutes while here in Carthage the time for the complete tour is 45 minutes.  A special film of Joseph Smith takes 18 minutes and the rest of the time is taken in the jail.  Our Key message is that Joseph was a prophet.  The spirit which is here is powerful and our experiences are phenomenal.  A well dressed man came for a tour of  the jail.  He had the time for the complete tour.

     His legal case was completed and had a little time before returning to Northern Illinois.  He was interested in the legal aspects.  The what, where, why and how of the charges of the case.  While I have read and studied the historical aspects I didn't have all of the details.  This was good because we exchanged email information so that I can provide the information he desired.  He likes history.  He also told me that "America could have had a wonderful president if they had elected Mit Romney.  I have never meet a Mormon who wasn't a good.  James Patten is his name.  I will send the material and if I can get a mailing address I will include a history book of God's dealings with the people of ancient America's like He's dealings with the people of  Holy Land.  The Book of Mormon is the tangible hold in your hand key to know if the gospel is true and has been restored and that Joseph is a true prophet.  By the way we have seen the fellow which we had wrote about before has been back to the jail two time that we have seen.  We saw him on the sidewalk just looking at the jail through the fence for a few minutes.  The other time he was in a pick-up doubled parked looking at the jail. We believe and hope that we will be able to talk with him again.  It is clear to us that he is deeply interested and maybe a little troubled regarding this place.  We meet many of your friends that come to Carthage as well.      
 The Hammer Family from Santa Clara, Utah.  We had a very nice tour with them.  It is fun to visit about our families in Utah and Arizona.

We meet the Skinner Family from Arizona but unable to get a photograph.  The Skinner's are friends of Charles and Christine and family.

The Needham family from St. George.

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