Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, September 21, 2015

It's Time to Step Up. . . . . It's Time to be the Leaders. . . . The Missionaries who were here before us have gone Home and on to the New Chapter in their Lives ! !

     At our Rendezvous last night we said good-bye to the remaining cast who will be leaving us.  Our cast went from around 60 to 30.    The show must go on,  we were promised they will keep all 3 casts even though that means we will be doing 3,4,5, even 6 parts or more.   Now, can we remember it all, is the challenge.   We truly love our mission.

     In our mission choir we are singing the Hymn "More Holiness Give Me,"  page 131 in the Hymn Book.   I'm not sure if I really, I mean really, listened to the words.   I want to invite each to find the hymn and take a few minutes in home evening or wherever you can find a quite moment to read the words,  I would like to recite just a    few, "More patience in suffering, More sorrow in sin, More faith in my Savior, More sense of his care,  More joy in his service, More purpose in prayer,  More gratitude give me, More hope in his word, More Savior like thee."

     Every once in a while a question is ask or comes to mind,   "What does the Savior ask of us?"  He asks us to follow him.   We each will interpret the meaning for our own self.  But I find it humbling to ponder the question.   Am I trying hard enough?  This life is a test, will I pass?   There are so many questions we must ask our self as we prepare to return to our Father in Heaven.    Our Father in Heaven has set the standards we must follow.   We can look at the Parable of the "Ten Virgins" to perhaps understand how important following the standards completely is.   All ten virgins I'm sure were good women, perhaps even great, but only 5 were allowed into the wedding.   Why?

     We have a Sister here in the mission whose granddaughter came for a visit.   She is 10 years old, her parents are divorced and she lives with her mother during the week and with her father on the week ends.   Her father is the son of this sister.    The mother is on drugs so this young girl does not have a wonderful home part of the time.   Sister Mamales took this young granddaughter around to all the sites, to Rendezvous and a Wagon Ride, etc.   She had a wonderful time.   She was asked what she enjoyed the most and she replied, "I loved how part of God came out of the missionaries and everyone was so kind."   My dear family and friends, we never know what even a smile or hello will mean to someone.    Please stay the wonderful people that you are. . .    We love you all so very much, we couldn't be more blessed than having you all a part of our lives.   Thank you.


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