Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, April 27, 2015

Week 6 in Nauvoo

    What a wonderful week.  Each day we are in the different sites, welcoming the visitors and sharing their stories.   We are still having many members, but this week we have had many who are not members.   I have been a part of many gospel discussions.   One Gentleman, who knew so much about the church and had read much of the Book of Mormon, but still can't except the gospel.   He said he has come to Nauvoo many times and doesn't understand why he keeps coming back.   Sister Apperson told him he must feel it to have some truth and he told us he will ponder and let us know.   Of course, we haven't heard anything but he seemed sincere, that he would pray and ponder.   It was thrilling to witness someone who is really trying to find the truth.   Yesterday Elder Horlacher and myself served in the Browning Gun Shop and Home together. On Sunday's companions serve together.   Yes, I even told about making a gun, (it was pretty short, ha).   I am witnessing that Heavenly Father will not leave you alone.  We had a couple come in, he a Methodist and she a member of the Community of Christ, They have the Joseph Smith Mansion, the Red Brick Store, etc.
They are here for 3 weeks to help with the repairs on the different, Community of Christ sites.   We were with them close to 40 or so minutes.   She shared a lot about what they believe and knew quit a bit about our church.  She brought up things that we had heard but our response was we didn't know.   When it was over we invited them to visit Carthage.   They said maybe next week.   I was great full to have Elder Horlacher with me on that one.   We had many School Children this last week, 180 with about 30 teachers and parents.   They were 5th grade, and very well behaved.   Many teachers and parents said they didn't even know Nauvoo  was here.   They were very impressed and said they would be back with there families.   One bus driver said he had been here years ago, and had gotten a little horse shoe.  His son had gotten one last year and when he got home he ask his father where his was.  Of course, he couldn't find it so he said they came back to Nauvoo and had a wonderful time.   Seeds are being planted every day.   With the school children we only talked about pioneers,   when they come back with their families, we can talk about the saints.
     I am being made assistant site leader for the Pendleton Log School this wed.   Seems as we get new missionaries we are consider to be the old,  I don't quit feel that way.
     I had a good experience at the brick yard with a group of 8 non members.  They wanted to learn about bricks.  I gave the presentation which I really enjoy giving because I get into it and try to inject some humor.  I felt real good about the spiritual message regarding how important it is to remove the rocks or sticks (impurities) from the Pug (mixture of clay, sand and water) because after the brick is fired there is a hidden weakness in the brick what when under pressure won't hold up.  These impurities are like sin in our lives that need to be repented of so we can be pure and strong when we are under the pressures of life.  I asked them at the end of the tour if they had any questions or comments which they did not have any.  I felt that they could feel the spirit and I know that a good seed was planted.
     Elder Horlacher has been ask to give the Military Tribute Narration, in Sunset by the Mississippi.  We have been told we need to have our vinnet ready the second week of May.   We are working hard, ha ha, we will have our next rehearsal on Wed.   We will try to have all the lines memorized by then.   The main man, Elder Camp is here getting ready for the new preforming missionaries, and has been attending  Rendezous, He is over it, and giving us direction.   There was a time I hear that he wasn't as kind, but I will take his suggestions to heart.   We didn't have any speaking parts so we felt ok about it all.
     We love you all and are so great ful for your example and support.   We ask our Heavenly Father to pour his choicest blessings on each of you each day.   We know the church is true and no matter what our experience is for the day Heavenly Father knows who we are and loves us no matter what.

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