Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Sunday in Nauvoo

It is Easter Sunday and a beautiful day here in Nauvoo.    We were able to watch both sessions of conference today.   We enjoyed walking around the temple and enjoying the view from the temple, the Mississippi River view.    The last couple of days we spent in the Family Living Center which teaches the Pioneer Skills.   Elder Horlacher and myself worked together both days,   I was teaching weaving, bread making, and candler making.   Most the people we have had at our stations have been members.   Families from all over the country, lots from Utah, Idaho, Arizona, here on Spring break.   One special experience was 4 young people came in when we first opened, 2 girls and 2 boys.    They were pretty young, around 14 thru 17.   One young lady said she comes alot to Nauvoo, and just loves it here and she had brought her adopted brothers and sister.    I had given them my presentations and we were just finishing up the candle making.  The 15 year old boy stayed behind to talk to me.  Very sweetly he told me he was being baptized the next Friday.   He was very excited and said he loved the gospel already.   He said it was hard to wait but he knew he had to obey the rules.   When he left he said be sure and enjoy everyday of your mission.    He shook my had and thanked me for a wonderful presentation.    He was so sweet.
     I was teaching rope making.  We make ropes using twine.  This is a fun activity because we get lots of people involved.  I also taught the guests about barrell making and pottery.  I didn't teach about the rug making as I look pretty silly when I am on the lume.  I had one experience with a couple of older men who were just looking around.  They didn't want to talk and acted like they were in a hurry.  They were not very comfortable for sure.  I engaged them in a conversation anyway.  One of the guys had a Viet Nam hat on so I talked about the army and our service.  We parted thanking each other for our service. 
     Rendezvous (our singing stage show) was preformed twice.  The first night we were assigned to do a little dose-e-dose with 2 other couples. The rest of the preformances is just singing the various numbers.  The second preformance was very confussing because things were so fast we weren't sure what was happening. ha  It has been a great week Sister Horlacher laughed a lot mostly as me...We find ourselves bring up the words of the songs in our conversations.  We are happy and pretty tired each night.  We love you all very much.

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