Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Tuesday, April 14, 2015

In Our Forth Week

    What a wonderful experience we are having.   Our fellow missionaries, our guests, our activities, etc.  We are surely out of our comfort zone.   We have Rendezvous 2 nights, Sunset Practice 2 nights, (this program we sing and dance with the young preforming missionaries,  Elder Horlacher and myself do a lot of laughing because we are having a hard time getting it all learned.)  Sunday night there is always something.  This last Sunday the Young Singles Missionaries have returned and gave their report on their outbound missions.   They come to the Illinois Nauvoo  Mission for 6 months during the summer and leave for another Mission for 6 months and then return for the last 6 months.   What a special treat they are.   Our energy level has jumped up.   They say in 2 weeks when the preforming missionaries arrive we will have so much energy we won't even need to sleep.  ha ha
    We spent 2 more days at Carthage, which is so special.   One of my tours was 2 ladies who were not members and had stopped and were taking pictures of everything, not having any idea where they were.   They said they would do a tour with me if it wouldn't be to long.   I told them I would give them a short tour, which mine are anyway.   They were touched that Joseph and Hyrum Smith had been murdered for what they believed.  I was concerned that they may have negative things to say about the church and I was prepared on how I would handle it, but it was a beautiful experience.   We had a bus load of women from the Baptist Church come thru the sites.   They came to our Rendezvous Performance and then through the sites.    Most of them were very kind and happy.   One lady refused to smile, but they all seemed to enjoy there time with us, they thanked us and said they had had a wonderful time,   Elder Horlacher gave them the tour at the Brick Yard.   He had them all laughing and as he gave the spiritual message they all agreed.   The Baptist Church takes the women on a mystery trip each year and this time it was Old Nauvoo.   We are ready for the school children to arrive for field trips.  They say each year they are getting more and more.   They are willing to let them come but we can't use any spiritual language.   Our 1st tour is tomorrow and then on Friday a tour of 180.   It has began.
   Everyday is a new day and a new experience.    We love you all and are grateful for your love, support and prayers.   We look forward to your coming and visiting with us and Old Nauvoo.   It will be a time you will never forget.

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