Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, April 19, 2015

Our Carthage Visitor's Center assignment

    We have been blessed to spent three shifts at the visitors center.  Carthage is such a spiritual place for Sister and Elder Horlacher.  There are times when telling the story of Joseph and Hyrum, that I can't talk...I tell the guests why...because of the significance of Joseph and Hyrum sealing their testimonies with their lives.  The groups are members and non members, big (1 to 25).  One man asked me a question outside, by the well regarding Joseph's Last words. Joseph said "My Lord My God" (which is a cry for help per the masons) when he was shot and falling from the upstairs window.  I told him to consider another point of view.  That Joseph Smith knew Jesus Christ in a personal way and He had come to greet and bring His servant home.  After I expressed this to him he broke down in tears.
     Since I've been made the brick yard site assistant I have worked more shift there. We try to make 120 brick a day.  When you come I will give you the best tour.  We have three presentation rooms where we explain and demonstrate how the saints made brick.  When you consider all of the time and effort and expense of building a brick house you get a feel of how hard it was for the saints to leave and walk away from the homes they loved to go to the Rocky Mountains.  Our mission is wonderful because we tell all of the stories about the pioneer skills and releate these activities to gospel principles.  We meet many non members who come to learn about the pioneers.  We are instructed to always invite them to learn more.
     Every day is a great day.   What a priviledge to take care of the early saints homes.   To clean and also to invite there guests to come in and learn about them.     The city of Nauvoo is putting in new sidewalks, which is making the city of Old Nauvoo even more beautiful.  The trees are getting green and the tulips and daffodills are in full bloom.    The cardinals are visiting our little bird feeder as well as the  squirrels.     We love you all and ask our Heavenly Fathers choicest blessings to be yours.

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