Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, February 1, 2016

Being a Missionary is so Special, and we couldn't be happier. . . . .

    We have had trouble with our computer so it has been awhile since we have written, about 3 weeks or so.   And since I have started this it may not be fixed as yet.   I have started over 4 times because everything just disappears.

   The weather changes almost daily, today it is jacket weather and next week they say it will be in the single numbers.    The ice is starting to melt.   You can now see  water in some of the river.  The geese have returned to feed.   We are starting to see a lot of eagles.   They are so beautiful.

     On January 20 we had a World Wide Missionary Training.   It was wonderful. . . It was especially wonderful because we knew our two grandsons, Elder Trevor Horlacher, in Mexico and Elder Richard Miklich, in the Philippines, were at the same training and learning the same things.  We were told that 75,000 missionaries were receiving this training and most of them at the same time.  Due to time zones throughout the world some missionaries received the training later.  It is amazing to see this communication technology in action but then to realize that that is nothing when compared how the Lord communicates.  No time zones, no wires, or satellite dish or amplifers.  We are truly blessed to live and be missionaries at this time.  Teach repentance and baptize, was the theme.  Testify of the Savior, "always keep Jesus' name on your lips, and defend the Savior at all times.   Repentance is a change of attitude, we come clean, we have faith in Jesus Christ.   We also learned about the Holy Ghost, his role is to bring the message from our Father and we are the vessel.   We also learned that teaching is listening and observing.   We were encouraged to let the spirit guide, even in the questions we ask.  Of course, we have to study and prepare for the Holy Ghost to bring those things we have studied to mind and will direct us in what we say and do.   We need to teach people not lessons.   These concepts are not only for Missionaries but for each of us as we teach, be it in Sunday School, etc.   We must always rely on the Spirit or Holy Ghost, but always study and prepare so the knowledge is always with us.  We must also make sure we have the spirit with us at all times.  This is something we must always be aware of, as Satan is always there waiting for the moment to come in.   Just a quick reminder that Revelation comes through thoughts to the mind and feelings to the heart.  Always act upon them when they come, never doubt.   We learned so much, much of what we perhaps already knew but we always need reminders.

     I would like to share a cute story with you,   Elder Clark spoke in church today and opened with this story.   Heavenly Father was getting concerned, because he could see that things were getting pretty bad down on earth so he called one of his angels and ask him to go down and see just how bad it really was.   So he went down and spent a few days looking around.   He returned back to Heavenly Father and reported.   It looked like 95% of the people were not doing the things that they should be doing and only 5% were doing the things he wanted them to do.   Heavenly Father felt so bad that he decided to send another angel down.   He arrived on earth and spent several days looking around.   He also returned back to Heaven and gave his report.  Again, 95% of the people were doing things that weren't good and 5% were doing the things they should.   Heavenly Father still was concerned so he decided to send an email down to give encouragement.   Then he ask if any of us knew what the email said, he looked all around and of course no one did.   ha    It makes one wonder if Heavenly Father did send an email would I be one who would receive it.

    This Saturday is the Exodus Re-enactment of the Saints who left Nauvoo on that bitter cold day.   I will be walking for Susanna Barton, who is my Great-Great Grandmother and Margaret McCullough, who is also a Great-Great Grandmother.   Elder Horlacher will be walking for Harmon Cutler, my Great-Great Grandfather and my  Great Grandfather Royal James Cutler, and John Steele Carpenter, a Great-Great Grandfather.  He will also march in the Nauvoo Legend.    We will have the horses and wagons, oxen and wagons, and most of us will be walking.   We will leave from the Family Living Center and go to the Mississippi River.   What an honor to have family to walk for.
     Then on the 13th we will have a Valentine Party in the Cultural Hall on the 3rd floor, where the Prophet Joseph and Emma Smith danced.   The Cultural Hall still has the original floor.

     We love you all and are so thankful you are all a part of our lives,   Please take good care of yourselves and remember to care for each other as we are our Heavenly Fathers hands on this earth.



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