Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, January 31, 2016

Rendezvous..........Jed and Annie

     Our Director of Rendezvous took pictures of our vignette.  We thought we would put these pictures in the blog because in a few weeks we will be doing another vignette called Thomas and Elizabeth.   The pictures may not mean a lot without having seen the vignette and without captions and we will try to put more captions later as we have time.

 Annie I've come all the way from
my home in Montrose...Stop packing and listen to me!

     I'm listening....

But you're paying
more attention to those pots and
pans than you are too me!!!

     I'm trying to decide whether
to give the pans to the Stouts
or the Raymonds.

Give the pots to one and the pans to the other...But please don't leave me....STAY AND MARRY ME!!!!

 But...My wagon is already loaded!

Jed...I care for you.

Yea...Like you care for all the old geezers in town and all those rotten little kids!!!

I'ts not you I'm leaving, it's Nauvoo,  we have to go. . .


The differences between us are as wide as the

           I can't change and you won't!!!

            I will!!!   (Jed)

Jedediah Cronwall, are you trying to tell me that you're willing to stop being a bad influence on all the children in town with you're cussin!!!

ME!!!!!  A Bad Influence?

Would it b so hard to say something like heck or darn instead of always cussin when you're mad?

Well, I can say DARN!!

 SHOOT would be better!

Oh,  H E L L  Annie!!!  I can't say Shoot!!!

The Savior said, turn the other cheek!!

I did!!  Then he did...

Then that's when I hit him!!!

And more than once!

What the....what the....He....He....HECK!!!
Doggone it !!!  Annie, I really can Change!!  Now will you MARRY  ME!

Oh Jed, I really want to!!

That's good enough for Me...
I'll get bishop Wells and be right back!!

Leave????  What are you talking about??                                                                                                  

     We have truly enjoyed doing Jed and Annie in Rendezvous.   It is almost sad to give it up, but we know we have to move on and let others have the opportunity.   There are 3 casts and two vignettes in each cast who do Jed and Annie which means there are 6 different shows and even when we say the same words and basically have the same blocking they are all so different.  It has been amazing to have been apart of it.

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