Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, January 10, 2016

We are so grateful to the Saints who did so much to build the Kingdom of our Father in Heaven. . . . . and for their sacrafices. . . .

     Now that the Christmas and New Year's Holidays are over things have really slowed down.  It seems that we have been going so fast and pushing hard so when we can get a breath we don't know how to act.  I was released from the brick yard which had been quite an assignment.  My personal goal was to get 20,000 bricks made for the 2016 year season.  We had made about 13,500 brick and since I've been released have made more so the goal will be meet.  I have been assigned to the  blacksmith shop so I'm making horseshoes and prairie diamond rings                                               
for the visitors to Nauvoo.  The Blacksmith shop and the brick yard are two of the most popular places in Nauvoo.  However in the Summer
every site is busy.

     The last two days the weather has really gotten cold.  Before our shift started today we drove to the river and watched the ice flows on the Mississippi River.  It was -4 below zero last night and the high today was 8 degrees.  With the snow on the ground every footstep makes a crunchy sound.  With the cold and seeing the river partly frozen we felt with compassion how the Saints leaving Nauvoo were in similar weather conditions.  We have grown in so many ways to understand and appreciate the Saints in Nauvoo so very much.  I will thank them for
their examples some day.

     Elder Horlacher shared about the weather,  It has turned very cold.  We had our 3rd snow storm, about the same amount of snow as before.   We went about 30 miles to the north and found they had receive quite a bit more snow.   Some how, the main part of the storm misses Nauvoo, not so much snow, but we do get the cold.   Today as we left to go to church, 6:45 am,  it was -3 degrees.   As I stepped out of our house to go to the truck, my heart almost stopped as the thought entered my mind that the Saints were driven out of their homes in weather just like this.  We had heavy coats, gloves, and warm shoes and I was so cold,   I can't imagine or even comprehend what the Saints went through.  It is one thing to read about it but quite an other to be here and see and feel.  The pictures of the ice in the river is quite shocking.  The pictures are of the Mississippi River at the end of Parley street, at the end of the trail of hope where the Saints left their homes to head West.

     We  have been asked to learn a new part in the play Rendezvous.  We hope we can learn it.  We were getting comfortable with our last parts.  Maybe that's why we are having to change. ha.  I still can't get use to the idea of being on a stage and preforming in front of an audience.  One thing about it, all the missionaries are involved and no one gets out of it.

     We are still doing the Vignette Jed and Annie, and will continue until someone else learns the part.  We have been ask to do Thomas and Elizabeth, in 2 or 3 weeks.  This Vignette requires us to sing, solo and together.  When we were told in this mission we would need to get out of our comfort zone, they really meant it.   So we are working very hard to have the song learned and script learned for rehearsal this week.   Some times I think we are really in another world.   However, each night I thank my Heavenly Father for the opportunities that this mission provides and for his help in letting me do one more thing.

     Our Mission President and Sister Gibbons will be leaving in a few days and our New Mission President, President and Sister Hall will be here this Friday.   It is hard to see the Gibbons go, they have been wonderful.   I do realize they to must get on with their lives as well as the other missionaries who have left, but its pretty sad.

     In our last few training meetings we have learned  the value of time, how to take care of ourselves, etc.   Here are a few thoughts from them:   We hear quite often the phrase, "I don't have time for that."  Elder David Bednar said, "We all have the same amount of time.   I never believed the saying, "I don't have time" is a valid reason.  We all have the time for things we think important.   Therefore, if there is something we can or should do and say "I don't have time for that," it's simply a reflection that we don't think it very important.            Another,  It is not enough to be busy. Ants are busy.  The question is: what are we busy about.   Henry David Thoreau          Another, Pres. Boyd K Packer said,  Learn to follow those inner feelings.  If ever you have a feeling that you should not go somewhere or do something.  Do not go.   Do not do it.   On the other hand, if prompted to do something, then do it.  If you have promptings, then learn to follow.

     I would like to introduce you to our new Doctor, Dr. Rasmussen.   He has deliver 15,000 babies in his day.  This picture was taken at our New Year Party.   At the party, we danced, sang, had a great program, with lots of food.  It was a great party and we had the most fun laughing and letting our hair down.
      The picture of the window was taken at the Print Shop where Elder Horlacher and I worked today.  We couldn't even see out of the window there was so much ice on the window pains.   It did clear before the day was through, however.

      The picture of the geese was very interesting.   They were  together with their heads under their wings.   I guess that is where they spend their time when not looking for food.   It's hard for me to believe they wouldn't freeze.   Tuesday we drove by the river again and couldn't see one goose.   They must have left the area for warmer weather.

       We love you all so very much.   We keep you in our thoughts and prayers.   Remember to "cherish one another, comfort one another and gain instruction that we may all sit down in heaven together,"    Lucy Mack Smith

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