Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Today we have been in the Mission Field 7 months . . . Where is the time going. .

   There has been a lot happen since we last wrote.  We'll try to get it all in even if it is not in order.   We told about Jamie Kennedy to be baptized on September 23.   It was a beautiful baptism.   Many of the Senior Missionaries, as well as all of the Young Sister Missionaries, many of the Temple Missionaries, and many of the 2 different ward members were there.   It was a large number, including the Stake President.   She and her family are now visiting the family history center rather than the sites.   They just got a recommend to do baptisms for the dead using there own names.   She said that many of the names already have had their work completed.   She is so happy.   They have invited us to help this Sat. with the baptisms for the dead  but we have to work.   It is so special to see them so excited and to see the ward members fellow shipping them.   We had dinner with them the following Friday.   They went all out.   A wonderful dinner.   They came to dinner here with us last night, we had Chili Cheese Dogs.   That being her favorite,  they were good, even if I say so myself.

   We have been attending a lecture serious by Susan Easton Black on Joseph Smith.   She and her husband George Durant are here for several months on a mission to clean up Land and Records, doing more research, etc.   It has been so educational.   She talks way to fast to keep notes, but it is so enlightening,  we have about 8 lectures left.   What a special treat.

Romy Snyder
Roundy's and Bishop's
   We have seen so many wonderful people.  We were in Rendezvous and as we looked in the audience, we were so surprised to see members from our ward in St. George, Val and Cathi Stewart and Bill Cowser.  It was wonderful to see them.   A few days later I was in the little school and the door opened and to my surprise there walked in  Jim Morris, he came personally to tell Elder Horlacher and myself that we had been released as Temple Prep Teachers,  I will say that is going on and beyond the call of duty, ha ha.   It was so wonderful to see them all.   Yesterday I was serving in Guest Services and there walked in Elder Horlachers cousin Mary Sue Bishop form Woods Cross, Utah, and her husband, Bob.   It really is wonderful to see so many people that we know.   We are still getting letters for dear friends from the ward.   We love you all so much.   Please take good care of yourselves.   While serving at Family Living Center I meet Romy Snyder whose son, Elder Zachary Snyder, is serving with our grandson Elder Trevor Horlacher in Mexico.   Our daughter-in-law Tonya has set up something on the Internet about the mission they are in and she has joined in, so they communicate.   She loves it and loves Tonya.   While serving in Guest Serves I meet Sally Hall, from West Jordan, a neighbor 30 or so years ago.   She was with her daughter Laurie and her children.   She didn't recognize me but after several trips in and out of the Visitor Center I had the courage to ask her name.   She looked so familiar but I couldn't place her until I ask her name.  It really is a small world.
Sally Hall

   I have served in Guest Services and see so many Book of Mormons handed out.   People are really open about learning about the Church.   They come here to Nauvoo curious but want to know why the Saints were driven out.   What kind of people would drive them out and what kind of people would leave rather than fight.  The Book of Mormon  does have part of the answer.   They really want to know and understand.  We often ask what they, our guests, have enjoyed the most about coming here and they often reply, the kindness and the messages that are shared.   Our messages apply to everyone, not just to members of the church.   Our Father in Heaven loves us all, and wants only the best for us.  He wants us all . . . to return and live with him again.   We are all his children and brothers and sisters.

   My thought for today.   "Come As You Are"  from a MTC Sisters notes.   When you were called to work in this missionary (ward or stake) capacity, you were not required to pass any tests or furnish any proof that you were qualified.  No one quizzed you to find out how much you knew about the Gospel, or inquired about your previous experience or training.  The only requirement was that you be willing to accept the responsibility of the position you were being asked to fill.   Your Father in Heaven accepted you "as you are" when He called you.  He was aware of your weaknesses, your problems, and your knowledge of the Gospel.  He knew of your capacity to learn and your potential ability.  He knew that with His help, you would be able to fill the position if you sincerely try.   You have our Father in Heaven to help you.   I think about this often, when I feel I just don't know enough, or can't express myself well.  I know my Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to be successful.  He is always there for me and for you.  No matter what. . .


The last group of missionaries that left. We still have a few more to leave soon.

The corn fields have dried up and the farmers are ready to harvest.  This is the way to farm.  They prepare the soil, plant, and then wait for fall to harvest.  No watering is needed, at least most of the time.  They have the big, expensive machines that do most of the work.                                                      

The geese on the Mississippi.   It is fun to watch them.   They are everywhere.

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