Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Wednesday, October 14, 2015

The joys of serving. . .

   Today was another wonderful day, each day has it's special feelings and happiness, and each day we are grateful to be hear in this beautiful place.   To be serving our Father in Heaven and show our gratitude for our pioneer Saints who gave an example, and such faith in our Father in Heaven and kept the Kingdom of God moving forward.   I served at the Log School today on what we call a "D" shift, 9:45 am to 5:00 pm, we had 7 tours which for the little school was great.   Fall is in the air, the wind was blowing and it was chilly.  The leaves are starting to fall even though they still aren't as colored as they say they can and will be.
But today was very special.  You can always tell when the spirit of Nauvoo is high, and today was one of those days.   Sunday Elder Horlacher and myself had served in the Brigham Young Home, and I had given a tour to a party of 3, husband and wife, and female cousin.  They seemed very interested in everything I had to say, but didn't have many questions.  They were very nice and we had a great tour.   Today, they visited the little school, and it was my turn to give the tour.  Many times when it is slow, as companions, we will share a tour, one giving information about Mr. Pendleton and the other about the school in Nauvoo.   Today we each were giving the whole tour.   They were surprised to see me, but must have been comfortable with me because they begin to ask questions, not only of Calvin Pendleton and the school in Nauvoo, but about every and any thing, and especially about Joseph Smith.  Their son and daughter-in-law are members of the church, and they, the couple knew a little about the church.  They wanted to know about our names, Elder and Sister, and about the Priesthood.  The cousin didn't know anything about the church and was so interested, she lives down by Quincy, about 60 miles away.  She plans to come back for Booo-tiful Nauvoo in about 2 weeks and again for Christmas.  Anyway, we spent about an hour together which is usually a no,no but they ask if I had time and then thanked me for sharing with them and I thanked them for letting me share.  I think I more fully understand, the joy of seeing people who really want to know about the Gospel, and being able to share it with them.  It was such a wonderful day. . .

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