Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, June 29, 2015

The Joys of Missionary work . . . .

   The days seem to fly by and we have trouble even remembering what day it is.   We will have been out 4 months on the 9th of July.   Paul, Teresa, Abby, and their church youth were here last week for a few days.  It was fun to give them a tour in the Little School House.   We also saw the Hepworths last night at Sunset.
They are here for about 8 weeks volunteering for the Pageant.   We hope to see them around.   We are short about 18 missionaries at this time so the Temple Missionaries, around 6 or 8 couples will be helping us in the sites.   We have been having a lot of rain.  The morning looked so nice when we went to church this morning but when we came out of Sacrament it was pouring.  Very few had umbrellas so most of us got really wet, I think I will start carrying an umbrella, as we were advised to.

     We had some choice contacts with non-members this last week.  At the brick yard two couples from Chicago waited until the rest of the tour left then began asking questions regarding why the Mormons had to leave Nauvoo.  I explained the  details and they were shocked to hear of any group which would be so impatient.  We were really communicating when they just wanted to go.  I realize that some precious seeds were planted. We find more and more opportunities to share spiritual messages.  As was mentioned we were assigned to "Nauvoo on the Road" Saturday the 27th of June.  This gives the mission a chance to get some great exposure by attending the civic activities around the state.  We teach the children how to make rope which they really enjoy because we get them so involved in the process.  The sisters have lots of activities such as pioneer games for the kids as well.  We got back to Nauvoo in time to go to the Carthage presentation there and to sing in the double quartet.  While in Carthage I really felt the spirit so strong.  While the talks were given I could see the window in which Joseph Smith was shot out of.  Each and every time we go to Carthage we feel such a strong spirit as we think of events and the deep meanings which occurred there.

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