Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Monday, June 1, 2015

The Saints of Old Nauvoo Remembered

    Well...another week.  It is amazing how fast the days go bye.  We have been busier each week with more visitors and longer hours to work.  We start an hour earlier and work and hour later each day.   We are in the two plays...Rendezvous (two nights a week, with two performances each night) and Sunset two nights a week.  We still start our day at 5:30 AM and will finish sometimes at 10:30 PM.   We are sleeping through the night!!!  The brick yard which I keep track of the numbers for had 4,599 total visitors for the month of May.  Of  that number there were 1,710 non members.  The reason we had so many non members is because of  the school groups which had field trips.  We make sure that the kids have a good time however we do not talk about the church.  I have had parents tell me that they remember coming to Nauvoo when they were in school and enjoyed it then and are glad they came again with the school group.  There are many times that I feel the spirit of the Lord so strong when I give the presentation about bricks that I have witnessed  people shed tears.  I rarely know what was said that touched the people I just know that they have felt the spirit.  Our mission is to find those who are seeking the truth and to strengthen the members of the church.  Most of the time I have seen the spirit touching the hearts of the members.  We really enjoy being missionaries and being in the sites where the saints of Nauvoo worked and lived.  Their example of following a prophet, of keeping the faith and being strong and faithful in all things is remarkable.

     This week we will be doing our parts for the Rendezvous play.  We practice every day and have it down pretty good.  Our sacrament meeting at church today was like going to Stake conference.   The chapel and cultural hall was full.

     We meet so many people which we or our family have connections with.  Friends of Mark and Cheri, the Walkers, from Queen Creek, Az and the Reeds, Carol and Mel's, Jim and Carries ward, in St. George, the wives are sisters, what a small world.

     At General Conference on Sunday afternoon August 9, 1882, John Taylor said, "As a people or community, we can abide our time, but I will say to you Latter-day Saints, that there is nothing of which you have been despoiled by oppressive acts or mobocratic rule, but that you will again possess, or your children after you.   Your possessions, of which you have been fraudulently despoiled in Missouri and Illinois, you will again possess, and that without force, or fraud or violence.   The Lord has way of His own in regulating such matters."   (Journal of Discourses)   As Old Nauvoo is restored we see that  happening.   The saints gave so much, but their posterity has honored them, that their sacrafices are remembered.   How grateful we are to them.   We ask ourselves if they would feel that we have done our part in moving the Kingdom of God onward.   We realize we must keep trying to do better.
    Our prayer would be that our Father in Heaven would bless you with his choicest blessings.   We love you all.

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