Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Sunday, May 17, 2015

Definition of a Missionary

   It's hard to believe 2 weeks have pasted since we have last visited.  Our lives seem to be much the same.  New assignments each week.   We find out Friday or Saturday what the next week will be.   We have been blessed in so many ways.  Susan and Tony Vargas and Granddaughter came to the Tin Shop where I was serving,  I was out waving to the horses and wagon, when these 3 people walked up, and ask if I knew them.  I took a second looked and could have cried.  It was Susan and Tony (and Granddaughter).   What a fun surprise.   They were our friends from Rancho Cucamonga, in California.  We were able to catch up some.  What wonderful people they are.   We were blessed to have Elder Horlachers brother and wife, Jim and Carrie, come on Monday afternoon and stay until Friday morning.   It was so goooood to have them here with us.   They took some pictures for us, we played cards, and just visited.  We love them and appreciate their love and support.   We found out that we have a great blow-up bed, and even though it will be in the living room, we promise to give any takers a place for the night.
   We did give our talks on Mother's  Day, the subject being prayer,  we realized it was Mothers Day so we made a few changes.   We think it went ok.  Humidity is high now and Elder Horlacher came home soaking wet.   The daily clothes wash has arrived.   The May flies are here, at times as thick as a heavy snow storm. ha ha.
   We started our 2 shows a night of Rendezvous last night and have only 2 practices left of Sunset.  Sunset by the Mississippi starts this Saturday.  Wow, will we be ready?   I think the visitors get their kicks from our mistakes.   Last night at Rendezvous, one of the Elders who came out with us forgot his line and stood there for, it seemed a while, and said "I forgot my line",  of course the audience had a roar.   You must see the show to appreciate.
   One of the pictures is from the Brigham Young Home.   I was giving a tour, or presentation in the room where Brigham and the 12 meet to run the church, after the martyrdom of Joseph and Hyrum,  when I looked out the window and there was a nest with 4 blue eggs.  The mother robin came and went.   How fun.                                                                                                                                            A Missionary is someone who spends time away from loved ones so others can spend eternity with theirs.   What a Beautiful thought.

    We finally made it to the temple.   What a beautiful experience.   The Nauvoo Temple is beautiful both inside and out.  When you know the Saints story and see the temple and feel of the spirit you can't help but know the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints is true.  I am so grateful to the pioneers, the saints, my ancestors, who gave so much so that we can have the gospel today.  We, I, am so blessed.   Thank you for your love and support.   You are all awesome.   We love you all very much.


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