Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Another Update from Nauvoo

    Another week has flown by.   We were just thinking we were finally in control when we were told we will be on stage with our vinnet, May 16.  We were told at first, July, so the pressure is on and then we were ask to speak in church on Sunday, on Prayer, which I am happy for the subject because prayer is something that is always on my mind.   The pressure just rose a whole lot.   Sunday night was so fun because when we got home the fire fly's  were everywhere.  What a beautiful sight.   I am going to try to catch some. We had a hard rain yesterday and all night.   It really poured and hailed.   As we were on our way home  from the sites, we saw the young Sister Missionaries out looking like drowned mice.  ha ha   We did give them a ride home.  The rain made everything so beautiful.   The farmers had just planted their fields a few days ago and now they have that cast of green.  The State of Illinois is so beautiful.
    Sunday we were on call, which means we don't go and serve in the sites unless another couple can't because of illness, etc.    Elder and Sister Chamberlain from Glendale also had the day off so they came to dinner.   It was fun to spend time with them.   Elder Horlacher's brother Jim and Carrie are coming in a week or so and it will be so fun to see them.   He also has a cousin, from Las Vegas, Sister Gail and Elder Owen Roundy.   Owen if from Alton, Utah.   They are temple missionaries.
     We have a lot of interesting experiences when we give our presentations.  At the Browning Gun shop this week .  We had a big non-member group of older folks from St Louis, MO.  One of our gospel messages from this site is that families are forever.  We take the tour in the back yard of the property and show them a little white picket fence which marks an infant grave of a 6 week old daughter of the Browning's.  I point this out and the way this little grave site lines up with the temple on the hill and explain that families are forever.  That we will all die someday but the temple reunites families.  A lady wanted to talk about that and how she felt....She told me that she was bringing her  93 year old mother back.  She has left her email at the visitors center.  We are getting pretty good about discerning the members and non-members.  We still give our spiritual presentation to both.  We hope to invite the non members to Christ and the members we strive to strengthen.  Things are going to get busy with the summer approaching.  The Young preforming missionaries from BYU and the Nauvoo Brass Band members are here getting ready for there performances.
At our Sunday night zone meeting the Elder Thurston from the Facilities Management group gave the farmer in Iowa who has preserved the pioneer grave site at Richardson's Point a beautiful oak cedar chest which he made.  There is so much good will here.  Today while at the Farm Store in Burlington, Iowa we talked to the employee which we had meet before about Nauvoo and again invited her to come see the play with of all the old timers on stage. I haven't tried this yet but I am about ready to put a post-it note on the back of my shirt (like the ones which would say "kick Me") which would say "Just Ask Me...It's OK)  We are enjoying our mission so much.
    We love you all so much and are grateful for your examples and the support you all give us.   We are grateful to be able to serve here in Old Nauvoo, to feel of the spirit of the Saints.   To walk the streets where they walked.    Since I have been here I realize my Great Grandfather James Royal Cutler lived here in Nauvoo and was endowed here in the temple.   I never realized that before.   I still have a lot to do.   I will be going to the land and recorders soon and will find out more.   I will also be looking for Margaret Poulton's family as well.    We know the church is true and are so grateful for our Savior and Elder Brother Jesus Christ, and for his atonement.   We know we can be families forever.   What a blessing.    

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