Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Thursday, December 24, 2015

The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

     I'm sure that everyone is getting a little tired of us saying how busy we are, but we can't help it...its just go go go!  Sister Horlacher and Sister LeeMajor did such a good job as stage managers for the Live Nativity, that they were asked to continue their assignments in the MAJOR Christmas production of the; The Miracle of Christmas.  This is a community concert celebrating the Savior's Birth.  The Nauvoo Stake Center was setup to accommodate a very large (49) children's chorus; Adult Chorus (65); and Orchestra.  Many bench's from the front of the chapel were removed.  The shepherds and wise men gave respect and worship to the live baby held by Joseph and Mary.  The program was presented for two nights.  There were folks from the town singing in the choir and playing in the orchestra.  As I watched, listened and felt the spirit of the true meaning of Christmas.  The Birth of Jesus Christ.  I pondered deeply the scriptures of the birth of Christ.  I thought of the event in a simple way.  The profound meaning of the birth of our savior.  The Son of God born in a stable...The time of the year....Shepherds, the first to worship our Lord...A star...Wise men...Our Lord and Savior as a baby...When I really ponder these circumstances I truly feel the joy of the Saviors Birth.

     Our mission Choir sang a wonderful song in sacrament meeting today which invites some deep thought.  Natalie Sleeth wrote the music entitled "Were you there on that Christmas Night".  Lyrics:

     Were you there, were you there on that Christmas night.
     When the world was filled with a holy light?
     Were you there to behold, when the wonder foretold came to earth?
     Did you see, did you see how they hailed him king with gifts so rare that they chose to bring?
     Did you see how they bowed, as they praised Him aloud at His birth?
     Did you hear how the choirs of angels sang at the glory of the sight?
     Did you hear how the bells of Heaven rang all through the night?
     Did you know, did you know it was Gods own Son, the salvation of the world begun?
     Did you know it was love, that was sent from above to the earth?
     Were you there?

     I wonder...and even think it possible that we could have been there to see, to feel and even participate in this glorious event.

     The gift from God the Father to us His children is His Son Jesus Christ.  There is only one gift that we can give to God.  My will I give freely.  A contrite heart and a willing spirit to serve Him and our fellow men.

     Today I was asked to be in the circle where Nick Kennedy was given the Melchizedek Priesthood and ordained an Elder.  I know we have talked about the Kennedy family before so I thought it would be of interest to publish their story.  I will get this published soon.

    Our Christmas tree in Nauvoo 2015.  Picture above taken at the mission open house.

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