Our Eternal Family

Our Eternal Family

Saturday, July 25, 2015

The two little deer by our home.  We surprise them often when we return home.

Yes, we did get the mouse while serving in one of the sites.   I called Elder Horlacher and he couldn't come, Duaine, our son was in town and on a wagon ride and couldn't come, so Sister Bowden and myself took care of the matter.   Several days later while in another site, during the first tour of the day, we encountered a bat.   My picture of that experience didn't take, but the gentleman who was there with his wife and 3 children took my apron and caught it and released it outside.   Our adventures go on.

The picture below is taken on the Mississippi River, where if you are very quite and don't move and wear anything but white, you may be able to get their picture.   If you look close you will see the log is full of turtles.   We have tried and tried to get their picture but they hear us or see us and jump into the water.   We will keep trying to get a great picture.

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